Case Study: Aligning SFIA and ITIL to support global IT Services Transformation



Global IT Services organisation – 700 staff in 70 countries and 5 main operating hubs worldwide.


Re-organising regional based IT Services organisation into a single global IT Services organisation. Creating single  global operating model to drive efficiencies and effectiveness.




 The Challenge

  • Implementing industry-standard processes (based on ITIL)
  • Large number of locations and organisational cultures
  • Many stakeholders with competing expectations and timescales
  • Previous attempts at using SFIA and standard role profiles had not succeeded due to ineffective consulting approach
  • Approximately 500 different job descriptions with little consistency in language used for job titles, skills, accountabilities etc
  • Target operating model and Organisation design being developed in parallel
  • Busy, time-constrained subject matter experts based in many locations and time zones


  • Executive commitment and sign off of approach and deliverables
  • Quick, accurate, comprehensive delivery
  • Simplification of jobs into common roles to increases consistency and aid understanding
  • Robust, traceable process aligning ITIL processes, role design (RACI) and SFIA skills and levels
  • Improvements to Target Operating Model and Organisation design


  • Consistent approach to role profiles
  • Streamline the number of profiles and improve the quality of role profiles
  • Introduction of standard job dimensions to aid organisation review and implementation
  • Developed in conjunction with global IT Services leadership team and central OD team
  • Provide comprehensive communications support: executive-level briefing, detailed education f or subject matter experts and web pages and FAQs for IT line managers and their teams
  • Role profiles aligned to SFIA skills, SFIA skill levels and ITIL process areas
    • Head of Application Service Management
    • (Senior) Application Service Manager
    • Application Infrastructure Manager
    • Application Service Manager
    • Application Support Manager
    • Application Training Manager
    • Business Release Manager
    • Change Delivery Manager
    • Design Authority
    • Head of Application Support
    • Head of Distributed Service Management
    • Service Manager – Local Projects & Services
    • (Area) Service Manager
    • Regional Service Manager
    • Head of Strategic Service Management
    • Head of Service Architecture Design & Transition
    • Head of Service Integration
    • CSI Manager – Problem & Incident Management
    • Major Incident & Crisis Manager
    • Service Integration Manager
    • Head of Service Planning Quality & Compliance
    • Business Support and Portfolio Manager
    • Risk and Compliance Manager
    • Service Measurement and Reporting Manager
    • Vendor Manager
    • Process Manager
    • Service Management Analyst
    • Service Management Project Manager
    • Head of Technology Service Management
    • (Senior) Technology Service Manager