We focus on the critical few things that will make a big difference to you and we execute these things with precision.


We have no desire to build or run a large consulting operation nor do we need to sell on other services to you.


Working closely with you to understand your needs and collaborating with you to deliver solutions and benefits.

Knowledge Transfer

Our added value comes from the transfer of expertise and experience to your own people.


As a small business we have no corporate distractions and we are dedicated to making your project a success.

Cost Effective

You will have direct access to deep expertise and experience at a value for money cost.

Our Difference

  • We are an agile client-focused business which will deliver significant benefits to you and your organisation.
  • We do this by driving value for you to give the best possible return on your investment.
  • Large consulting organisations have to rely on recipes and methodologies to support their junior staff. We don’t need to – we have the experience to quickly understand what is unique about your situation and suggest an approach which will work for you.
  • We have no desire to “body shop” less experienced resources into your organisation.

Our People

  • We know that value we deliver to you is directly related to the quality of the people who work with you.
  • Over the past few years we have built a pool of associates who are all successful, well qualified and experienced experts in their own fields.
  • The people we use have years of experience in large blue-chip companies and/or leading management consultancies. In this way we are able to offer you the quality of people you would get from larger consultancies but without the cost.
  • We also focus on the speed of response and personal attention you can only get from a small very focused business.
  • We are not in the market to build large consulting operations and we genuinely prefer to leverage the talent and energy of your own people to deliver results.
  • We will not put anyone onto a client assignment without your prior knowledge & agreement.

A truly fantastic consultant with a great breadth of knowledge and experience particularly in the areas of talent management and SFIA.
Peter develops long standing relationships based on the quality of the work and the results he delivers. He works with great care and attention and is always cognisant of the wider organisational ramifications of the activities and approaches undertaken.
We faced some truly daunting challenges together and it always gave me great confidence knowing that I was working with Peter

David Baird

Account Manager, Global Knowledge

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