Peter delivered outstanding quality work for us when we decided to simplify the role architecture in global Finance and IT. As an expert in the area, he brought common sense solutions and thus reduced a complex legacy to a much more coherent, practical model which could be tracked on a long and challenging change journey.

Gordon Barrie

Global Head of HR - Finance & IT, BAT plc

When we were looking to implement SFIA at the Lotus F1 Team, we were lucky enough to find Peter. Peter helped us to define SFIA job roles across a wide range of job functions and to make sense of the SFIA skill levels. Peter has a fantastic knowledge, excellent work ethic and a pragmatic real-world approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Peter to companies looking for talent management expertise (and I have done so)

Graeme Hackland

IT Director, Lotus F1 Team

Peter was the driving force behind transforming the business analysts at Norwich Union Life from a disaffected group of individuals into a confident, well trained, highly motivated community. Under his guidance, the BA practice focused equally on People, in particular on developing appropriate career paths, education and communication, and Process, notably standardisation of the BA role, provision of support and resourcing the right individual for each job.

The BA practice at Norwich Union Life (now Aviva) continues to thrive and it is to Peter’s credit that the framework he put in place has proved so effective.

Martin Hancock

Leader of UK Business Analysis community, IBM

My engagement with Peter dates back to early 2010 – when I had hired Peter for his SFIA consulting expertise which was deemed relevant to manage certain contractual and commercial issues within a large outsourcing engagement. Am happy to say that the engagement has well extended now beyond a year. His expertise around the skills framework and its interpretation / application to real life business context is exemplary. His ability to relate to a global workforce across different levels (Technical / managerial) is something that impressed me a lot. I consider him as a trusted advisor and will not hesitate to recommend him

Rubin Mishra

Strategy and Business Development, Tech Mahindra

I highly value Pete as a colleague for his deep understanding, knowledge and genuine enthusiasm for his field.

Pete is able to take a thought process and make it richer through his ability to stimulate broader thinking from his strong academic and experiential knowledge base.

Time spent in conversation with Pete always goes to fast: His contributions are very engaging and if he can’t quench your thirst for knowledge in the moment he will certainly point you to some interesting water holes!

Aside from this strength, when I have worked directly with Pete I found him to be a highly supportive team player and a real asset to the team

Jo Mercer

Organisation Development Consultant, Ascent - OD Consultancy

Peter is a very focused and driven individual with strong people skills complimented by equally strong project management skills. He has a passion for all things people related and can be relied upon to deliver valuable change in this space. With strong coaching and mentoring skills Peter is a supportive and valued colleague.

Rob Sewell

Professional Development Manager for Business Change & IT, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

Peter is a person with clear and deep understanding of strong people skills and processes. He is a person who can be relied upon during all sorts of Business Crisis. His determination and in depth knowledge makes him distinguished from others. Peter’s biggest strength lies in his people management skills, Consultancy skills and his ability to coach and direct people to think in a strategic way. When dealing with difficult situations I have always found him to manage it with a great sense of calm and positivity with a strong focus on achieving results. His strength also lies in SFIA, Skills management, Workforce Planning, IT Workforce Development, Talent management and Competency-related processes he does this with an ease with so much of experience and expertise he has gathered.

I Strongly recommend Peter and Wish him best of luck for his Assignments.

Vasu Tummala

Business and Resource Management Operations, Tech Mahindra

You are very knowledgeable in the areas of people/ culture change & shares these with wider team and uses the latest thinking to improve our approaches to talent management and workforce development. You are comfortable with complexity – and use these ideas to set context about why we needed to focus on areas of people & process. You have a high level of intellect & can present good solutions to difficult problems.

Head of Professional development - Business Change & IT, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

Peter is a highly experienced and very capable practitioner in the field of skills management, talent management and competency-related processes.

Adrian Hall

Head of Learning Support Services, QA Ltd - the UK’s leading learning company

Having worked with Peter over a number of years I would highly recommend him for his abilities to work at both strategic and operational levels. He is very focused on delivering real results that enable organisations to move forward in terms of people capability and results achievement. Peter’s style is very natural enabling him to work well with a wide range of people at all levels and in all circumstances. If you looking for someone to challenge your thinking in a positive way then Peter is the right person.

Stephen Bedford

Learning & Development Manager, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

I had the opportunity to work with Peter on developing a SFIA based competency model for Rexam IM organisation. For our global but fairly small IM organisation, developing something both pragmatic and also benchmarked to external best practice was key, and Peter’s expertise, insights and support have proved invaluable. Among Peter’s key strengths I would note his ability to listen to the client and understand their needs, and then help design a solution that it fit for purpose. We also benefited from Peter’s meticulous follow up which ensured that things got done well and on time. I highly recommend Peter as someone who is an expert in the field, and is a pleasure to work with.

Tanya Kuznetsova

Organisation Development Manager, Rexam plc - leading global beverage can maker

A truly fantastic consultant with a great breadth of knowledge and experience particularly in the areas of talent management and SFIA.
Peter develops long standing relationships based on the quality of the work and the results he delivers. He works with great care and attention and is always cognisant of the wider organisational ramifications of the activities and approaches undertaken.
We faced some truly daunting challenges together and it always gave me great confidence knowing that I was working with Peter.

David Baird

Head of Business Development, Global Knowledge

You are persistent in maintaining strategic focus. You identified the key areas that will make a significant difference to business performance; and you focused our efforts on them

IT Director, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

Peter has the ability to simplify complex organisational structures. At BAT, this involved thousands of IT and Finance roles which he analysed and grouped accordingly. He produced high quality timely deliverables in a rigorous analytical way.

Liz Doble

Talent Dvelopment Manager - Finance, BAT plc

Peter has developed a real expertise in People Consultancy. He has the ability to take complex people problems, dissolve them into its constituent parts and lead others through the resolution of those problems. His high intellectual ability is combined with the knowledge of a huge array of consultative models which he can bring to life – without losing sight of the commercial and customer outcomes. In particular, Peter is a strong advocate of Talent Management at all levels in the organisation; from setting up Talent Management strategies within the organisation, through to recognising and harnessing individual talent within his teams. In addition to his strong, outcome focused consultative approach, I have also benefited from Peter as my mentor. During our mentoring relationship Peter helped me overcome difficult challenges and stakeholder relationships in a high-profile “stretch” role which culminated in my promotion and successful completion of that role. Peter is a real asset to any organisation that wants to get the best out of its people. He is a rarity in this field in that he can articulate the tangible commercial benefit of people development as well as the less tangible emotional benefit.

Ross Anderson

Business Operations – Practice Leader, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

Peter balances a strong ability to provide strategic consulting and pragmatic best fit solutions to his clients. He exhibits a real passion for human capital and people solutions and shows excellent leadership skills. One of his key strengths is his ability to coach and direct people to think in a strategic way to design and deliver on business outcomes.
Having worked with Peter for just over a year, I learned a huge amount from him as he is a very inspirational leader and mentor. He is modest and under-stated about his achievements, which I find admirable.
I recommend Peter’s Consultancy skills to any organisation looking for a professional who will share a wealth of experience, deliver outcomes and role model impeccable leadership behaviours and values.

Deborah Gore

Professional Development Manager for Business Change & IT, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

You have shown real leadership in growing our IT capability. You have really driven the IT profession in our organisation– through a combination of your first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a very effective IT professional and your focus on growing capability and driving its agenda through good engagement of our people.

Your personal commitment is second to none, you put in a huge amount of effort.

Head of IT, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

I have worked with Pete on a number of occasions and he has excellent people consultancy skills. Pete thinks outside the box and challenges the norm an excellent asset to any organisation wishing to use those skills.

Rob O'Brien

Senior Business Performance Manager for IT, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

You energised and mobilised people around our business vision and business goals. You motivated and inspired others towards our desired future.

Project Manager, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation

You actively promote exchange of learning, best practice, and new ideas.

HR Business Partner, Aviva plc - large global financial services organisation