Many companies invest in certifications in a haphazard, unplanned manner.

Worse, many corporations do not perform any evaluation of their certification programs.

Professional certifications can be a powerful tool, but if organizations do not implement them with clarity and purpose, they can become a waste of time, resources and energy.

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Are you an IT manager or an L&D manager supporting IT?

Are you overwhelmed by requests for the industry certifications such as ITIL, CISSP, CoBIT, PRINCE2.Ever wondered whether you should support these requests?

Alternatively have budget cuts put your certification programmes under threat? How do you convince your IT organisation that these certifications are worth investing in?

If you are trying to decide whether to invest in professional IT certifications for your people then this article will get you thinking.

 Regis Chasse (Director of global curricula at Capgemini University) identifies 5 potential drivers.

1. Attracting talent

2. Keeping your talent

3. Obtaining the “must have” competencies for your business

4. Building your organization’s capabilities

5. Increasing marketability

How do you ensure that your IT organisation gets the most out of investment in IT certifications?

First of all decide what benefits you are looking for (e.g. from the 5 listed above) and then put in place the steps to realise the benefits.

From my experience – just doing the certification programme in isolation is unlikely to achieve any of these benefits – you need an integrated plan with focus and follow through.