The 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study has been published. Its called Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.

A modernised learning strategy today means focusing on learning outcomes rather than inputs.

Organisations need to respond faster, support learning and performance at the point of need and improve efficiency at the same time.

This is a report to challenge your current perception of learning at work and how it can support transformation, change and high performance in your organisation.


For many organisations SFIA and training are inextricably linked; after all once you’ve identified some skill gaps that’s a need for training, right?

Well think again and open your mind to modernising your approach to learning – where we shift from focusing¬† on “training” to focusing on learning and actually delivering performance results.

The tangible difference for IT organisations is making a shift towards supporting learning “on the job” (performance support such as checklists, templates, stretch assignments, increased responsibilities) and “near to the job” (coaching, mentoring, knowledge sharing, communities) rather than just focusing on off the job (the training course).

The other good news? SFIA is a great tool to support this shift because its approach to describing skills focuses on performance results and tangible outcomes (i.e. being able to perform different activities and take on greater responsibilities)  whereas most training courses focus on acquiring knowledge.

This annual survey from Towards Maturity” is FREE to download and should provide some inspiration for everyone. Modernising Learning: Delivering Results (2014)