One of the challenges for updating SFIA to SFIA v6 was to reflect “digital skills”; this has led to the inevitable question – what do we mean by digital skills and do they belong in SFIA?

Cue much discussion about the boundaries of SFIA – is it about the “IT department”? is it all IT-related skills?, is it ICT? What about digital marketing?

As the SFIAv6 project nears its conclusions – this article had a nice set of questions which I thought captured the issues quite nicely.

So now its over to you SFIAv6

  • How do we capture these digital skills?
  • Are they new skills?
  • How will SFIAv6 support the digital world described here?
  • Does it need to?
  • Where are the boundaries to be drawn?

(h/t to Darren Sandford for sharing this article)

What is digital?

  • Is it an app? Absolutely. And probably more than one.
  • Is it an app? Absolutely. And probably more than one.
  • Is it a mobile website? Yep. Absolutely.
  • Is it digital marketing? Most certainly is.
  • Is it eCommerce? I certainly hope so, as it’s a key way to get payback on that investment.
  • Is it content? Ah yes. Content is key to much of this. Quality content is everything.
  • Is it social media? Yes. That’s where your customers are. Like you even have a choice?
  • Is it test and learn and sometimes fail? This part is essential as nothing is certain.
  • Does it have anything to do with physical channels? Yes. It needs to be central to them – in both connecting customers to the physical while transforming and enabling the physical.
  • Does it have anything to do with data? It has everything to do with data.


Photo by opensourceway