Our focus is developing high performing IT organisations and people

We do this by providing cost effective / high impact advice and support in the following areas:

  • adoption & implementation of SFIA or other skills and competency frameworks.
  • Up skilling / cross skilling your IT workforce
  • Helping you develop Cloud competencies
  • IT skills assessment processes and tools. Impartial advice on the tools available in the market place.  Helping you define your requirements, evaluate and select the most appropriate tool for your needs. Implementing and embedding tools & integrating skills assessment tools with your other people management processes and tools.
  • Developing IT role profiles. Mapping skills based profiles based on SFIA or other skills frameworks.
  • Supporting IT transformation programmes. Using SFIA (or other skills frameworks) to implement process improvements, validate Target Operating Models and Organisation Designs.
  • Supporting the people side of process improvement projects e.g. support for ITIL, COBIT and CMMI
  • Strategic workforce planning and workforce development. Supporting the introduction of new IT strategies and architectures with the development of an IT workforce with the right skills in the right place at the right time
  • Developing an IT Learning and Development strategy and operational IT L&D plans.
  • Developing compelling career paths and career development processes to attract and retain IT Talent. Developing both technical / non-management and management career paths.
  • Developing high performing IT organisations and IT people.
  • Developing, implementing and sustaining IT communities of practice.

We typically work with:

  • IT organisations
  • HR / L&D / Organisation Development (OD)  leaders who are working with IT organisations
  • Change programmes introducing significant change to their IT organisations
  • Leaders of IT communities of practice

We work with you to quickly assess your situation and your priorities, turn ambiguity into focus and clarity, and convert complexity into action steps.

Compared to other providers of these services you will be surprised and delighted at how quickly and effectively this can happen.

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