Technology Workforce Analytics

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Useful resources

The Beginner's Guide to Predictive Workforce Analytics

Center for Talent Reporting

“The Center for Talent Reporting (CTR) was formed in October 2012 as a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to develop and promote the adoption of reporting standards for human capital that meet the needs of senior executives, talent management leaders, program managers, and other stakeholders. It is our vision that Talent Development Reporting principles are broadly accepted and widely employed as the world-class reporting standard for all human capital processes. Funding comes from memberships and our founding sponsors. Governance is provided by a nine-member board of directors, including a Standards Committee, and an Advisory Council. Members have access to a measures library (with over 500 measures), more than 60 sample statements and reports in excel, and detailed guidance on implementing.”

Valuing your Talent

“Valuing your Talent is a collaborative, industry-led movement to build a greater understanding and appreciation of how people create and drive value in business. Valuing your Talent is for everyone in business. We are working with employers, investors and other stakeholders from finance, management and HR to better understand and demonstrate the benefits of human capital reporting and people measures. We believe that the term 'talent' should not be reserved for ‘high flyers’ but instead that all people have a role to play in contributing to the success of their organisations, whatever their size or sector. We are helping organisations to realise the full potential of their workforce through the use of key people measures, by improving insight and decision making and encouraging more strategic investment in people to achieve sustainable business performance. Above all, we are seeking a fundamental shift in the mind-set of businesses and investors alike, driving a shared interest in transforming how we value our people.”