List of SFIA skills

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Animation development

Application support

Asset management

Availability management

Benefits management

Business analysis

Business modelling

Business process improvement

Business process testing

Business risk management

Capacity management

Change implementation planning and management

Change management

Configuration management

Conformance review


Continuity management

Contract management

Customer service support

Data analysis

Data management

Database administration

Database design

Digital forensics

Digital marketing

Emerging technology monitoring

Enterprise and business architecture

Facilities management

Financial management

Hardware design

Incident management

Information assurance

Information content authoring

Information content publishing

Information management

Information security

Information systems coordination


IT governance

IT Infrastructure

IT management

IT strategy and planning

Learning and development management

Learning assessment and evaluation

Learning delivery

Learning design and development

Methods and tools

Network design

Network planning

Network support

Organisation design and implementation

Penetration testing

Performance management

Portfolio management

Portfolio, programme and project support

Porting/software configuration

Problem management

Product management

Professional development

Programme management

Programming/software development

Project management

Quality assurance

Quality management

Quality standards

Radio frequency engineering

Relationship management

Release and deployment

Requirements definition and management



Safety assessment

Safety engineering

Sales support

Security administration


Service acceptance

Service level management

Solution architecture


Storage management

Sustainability assessment

Sustainability engineering

Sustainability management

Sustainability strategy

System software

Systems design

Systems development management

Systems installation/decommissioning

Systems integration

Teaching and subject formation

Technical specialism


User experience analysis

User experience design

User experience evaluation

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